The year that was and the exciting challenges for 2024!

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Absolutely impressive accomplishments for the My Conditioning Coach crew this year! As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to celebrate the incredible achievements of our exceptional athletes who have collectively conquered a staggering 175* major events across various disciplines. Each milestone reached is a testament to the unwavering dedication, resilience, and commitment of our remarkable clients.

Let’s take a moment to applaud the extraordinary feats achieved by our athletes:

  • Ultramarathons: 8 events completed, pushing boundaries and demonstrating endurance beyond measure. (Two Oceans Ultra, Comrades, Om die Dam Ultra)
  • Marathons: A staggering 19 marathons conquered, showcasing determination and perseverance in every stride. (Kloppers Marathon, Mielie Marathon, Cape Town Marathon, Boston Marathon, Cape Town Marathon, Nelson Mandela Bay Marathon)
  • Half-Marathons: 4 races completed, reflecting determination and strength in shorter distances. (Two Oceans Half-Marathon)
  • Ultramarathon Trail-Running Events: 15 challenging events embraced, highlighting the prowess of our athletes on rugged terrains. (Skryn, Ultra-Trail Cape Town, Magoebaskloof Ultra, Ultra-Trail Drakensberg, Hobbit Trail, Maxi Race, 4Peaks)
  • Multi-Stage Mountain Bike Events: 12 events conquered, showcasing skill and tenacity across multiple stages. (Sani2C, Tankwa Trek, ABSA Cape Epic, Y2K, Wines2Whales, Pe2Plett)
  • XCO Mountain Bike Races: 40 races dominated, displaying agility and speed in cross-country events. (South African Cross-Country series)
  • XCM Mountain Bike Events: 25 events triumphed, illustrating endurance and skill in long-distance mountain biking.
  • Enduro Mountain Bike Races: 15 races mastered, highlighting technical prowess and versatility. (Baviaans, Munga)
  • 100 Mile Gravel Bike Events: 4 epic races completed, demonstrating grit and determination in long-distance gravel biking. (Swartberg 100miler)
  • Road Bike Races: 7 races embraced, showcasing speed and agility on paved roads.
  • Double Century Road Races: 3 remarkable races conquered, highlighting endurance in long-distance road cycling. (Double Century Swellendam, Maluti Double Century)
  • Adventure Races: 2 thrilling events tackled, demonstrating versatility and adaptability in various challenges. (Expedition Africa World Champs)
  • 3 Ironman Events: 15 half-Ironman races completed, showcasing incredible endurance across swimming, cycling, and running. (Nelson Mandela Bay 70.3, Durban 70.3, Mossel Bay 70.3, Ironman South Africa)
  • Long Distance Swimming Events: 6 challenging swimming events conquered, exhibiting strength and endurance in the water. (Midmar Mile, Robben Island Crossing)

The sheer dedication and passion shown by our clients in accomplishing these diverse and demanding events are truly commendable. Each event completed represents not just a physical achievement, but a testament to the unwavering spirit and determination of our athletes.

As we eagerly step into 2024, we eagerly anticipate the new adventures and goals our clients aspire to conquer. The My Conditioning Coach team is poised and ready to support each and every athlete on their journey to surpass boundaries, achieve new milestones, and make 2024 a year filled with even more remarkable accomplishments.

Congratulations to all our incredible athletes for an outstanding 2023, and here’s to an exhilarating and successful 2024 ahead!

*Quick unaudited count -the true number would be in excess of indicated total

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